Thank you, for your interest in a potential collaboration. On this page, I will share my view on collabs. If you have other ideas or questions, please feel free to contact me.


Children might experience a threshold to dive into the world of coding and technology for kids. The goal of Robotvilla is to help them to cross this threshold. Nowadays, a lot of cool educational games, software, and robots are available that encourages playful learning in the world of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.) I feel strongly about kids getting ready for the 21st century by introducing them to tech and coding in a playful way.

Target audience

My target audience is kids from 5 – 15+ who are interested in:

  • Coding for kids
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
  • Playful educational material:

Collaboration options

Advertisement through review and tryouts
Robotvilla is not only a kids tech studio on wheels but also a blog where I passionately share my discoveries and ideas about tech, coding for kids. It is my pleasure to try out and write about new concepts, products, and services. I even make a YouTube video to go with it if the product is suitable for video. In the article or video about your product, I will always note that I wrote it in collaboration with you. The content will be created in Dutch and English.

Do you have something to give away? I can start a giveaway for you on the blog and social media. Together we will discuss the details of the contest. As long as the product or service is in tune with the topics of Robotvilla, this is always a very festive and exciting option!

Press releases
If you have a press release about something that might be of interest for Robotvilla to share, please don’t hesitate to share it with me at

Other ideas?
If you have another idea for a collaboration, let me know!


I feel it’s almost unnecessary to say, but it should be clear that I only share content on Robotvilla which I support a 100% support. When I create content about a product that was sent to me, I will always tell my readers that it was written in collaboration with you, to ensure the integrity of Robotvilla. 

I hope to hear from you!
Robo greets,


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