I’m planning to create a Robotvilla podcast (in Dutch… I’m sorry). I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve already bought my microphone 🙂 I think I’m going to record on a monthly basis (not 100% sure yet…). I’m thinking… a 15 minute podcast covering all kinds of kids+code+tech topics. You can listen to the podcasts while riding your bike or commuting to work. how convenient!

Topics on my list are:

  • How did Robotvilla come to be?
  • What did I learn while building up the studio? 
  • WHy do I think learning to code is important? 
  • Coding is also for girls!
  • Can we learn to code when we are older? 
  • Discussing scientific reseach in the Robotvilla topics. 
  • and more…

Stay Tuned!


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